Business Development

Assessment and analysis of the organisation’s potential and opportunities for growth and sustainability; review of workflow processes, standardisation, automation, distribution, marketing and website.

ASA Ltd will undertake in depth research and analysis of your collection, website and marketing, use of staff, existing workflows and business practices, providing a written Report with recommendations for future opportunities, change and growth.  With over 25 years of experience in the image industry and 15 years specialising in heritage, ASA Ltd has extensive understanding of the different routes to achieving the same goal – the sustainability and relevance of the organisation – that the commercial and heritage sectors navigate.

Clients from the heritage, trade and commercial sectors of the image industry include: ArtUK; Historic England; Museum of English Rural Life, Reading University; Osprey Publishing Group; Oxford University Images; IWM.


Commercial Opportunities

We work with trade associations both in the UK and internationally to support their work through networking, sponsorship and funding, and event management.  Together with our clients we will develope a marketing strategy, to increase distribution, recognition and understanding of their collection and brand; and to build up relationships with their clients to ensure that both user and supplier get the most from their association.

Clients include: BAPLA, CEPIC, DMLA, PICSEL, Stocktrek (USA), Superstock (USA)


Copyright Training

As experienced practitioners we have a high level of knowledge and awareness of copyright in the  commercial,  heritage and academic sectors.  This enables us to provide tailored courses/workshops to meet your specific needs from the basic principles of copyright through to particular issues/areas which affects your business, changes in legislation and copyright bills.  Workshops can be designed for groups from across the sector or for an individual organisation.

Clients include: Collections Trust; London transport Museum; Association of Cultural Enterprise, Chinese Government Culture and Museum Department



With experience and a wide-ranging network of contacts ASA Ltd will add value to organising your events – enlisting panellists, including key representatives from government, securing event venues, enlisting stakeholder engagement, assisting with marketing and sponsorship, setting up workshops, reporting back and delivering under budget.

Clients include: DMLA (USA), CEPIC (Europe), BAPLA (UK), PICSEL (UK)


Exhibition Curation


Image+Space is a new group of Chinese retail photography galleries with the flagship gallery in Beijing launched in May 2017. Reflecting the substantial growth of the medium in China, Image+Space is a hub for photographers, art lovers and cultural enthusiasts across the country, combining industry expertise with curated exhibitions and a professionally selected collections of high-quality prints of editorial and archive photography from across the world.