With experience and a wide-ranging network of contacts ASA Ltd will add value to organising your events – securing panellists, including representatives from government, securing event venues, enlisting stakeholder engagement, assisting with marketing and sponsorship, setting up workshops, reporting back and delivering within budget.
Clients include: DMLA (USA), CEPIC (Europe), BAPLA (UK), PICSEL (UK)


CEPIC Webinar Programme 2021

Launched in September 2020, CEPIC responded to the obstacles of the pandemic and launched a series of virtual webinars.  ASA Ltd has been working with the CEPIC Team on this series of events, using our experience in the industry and wide network to source speakers, build audiences and find sponsorship to support the programme. We welcome your suggestions on issues and subjects you want to know more about: tech, legal, innovation, licensing, and more...

Next webinar: April 20th 2021  - Enforcement: The Subtleties of Legal Enforcement

March 2021 - Business: Is it still possible to make money with photography?

March 2021 - Enforcement: Best Practices in Post-Licensing

February 2021 - Cultural Heritage: Challenges and Opportunities of Selling CH Images

January 2021 - Technology: Authentication in Times of Fake News 

December 2020 - Licensing: Extended Collective Licensing

September 2020 - Legal Webinar, follow up on the EU Copyright Directive 


For recordings of any of these follow this link


Sponsorship Manager 201 6 - present

For the past 5 years I have been Sponsorship Manager for the largest image industry asociation in North America.  The Digital Media Licensing Association has developed business standards, promoted ethical business practices and actively advocated copyright protection on behalf of its members.  Each October DMLA holds their Annual Conference attracting an international audience of colleagues and new attendees to a packed programme, informing and educating on a wide range of topics on our industry, over the 2.5 days of the event.  The Conference is sustained through the sponsorship programme, and can only happen with your support.  You have always been very generous even in a year of a pandemic ... Thank you for your sponsorship and I look forward to renewing our  conversation in the coming months!

Previous events: