Our Sponsors were fantastic.  The Welcome Reception, sponsored by Platinum sponsor PicRights, with floating Halloween coloured balloons was greatly  enjoyed; colleagues meeting up again after a year, enjoying the warm evening and delicious food and plentiful drinks.  Monday night Google did the honours at the fireside terrace and participants stayed on well into the evening enjoying the Google Sunrise cocktails.  With numerous eateries in Venice and the surrounding area our evenings extended into the night…

ImageRights brought us the Social Media Wall for the first time, which provided a continuous Twitter and Instagram feed with contributions from many attendees, as well as programme announcements and general information about the Conference.  We hope to extend this next year and include sponsored advertising, so start thinking about it and plan ahead to make sure your brand is up there on the big screen.  Our t-shirts, courtesy of Picha, were fabulous and much commented on, with a design that reflects the growth of diversity in our content and our industry.  The CDAS Conference bags are glitsy, stylish and practical.  Definitely the bag you’ll use for the year.   I loved the size of the Smartframe-sponsored coffee cups, you didn’t need to go back for refills! And what would we do without our WiFi – thanks to Shutterstock, and our little black notebooks with the pink Capture logo?  We were fortunate to have two of our sessions sponsored by attendees new to DMLA, Oodls from the UK, and now a new member, and SodaTech from Switzerland; both have said how much they benefitted from the promotion and the 5-minute presentation before the panel session.

Quotes from our Sponsors:

“It was a great trip thank you and interest in SmartFrame continues to grow – we had 30 meetings over the two days!” Robert Sewell, Smartframe

“As a niche small agency it is important to find our place in this business of giants.  I also love everything DMLA is doing for the industry. It’s fair to support the association and the conference.”  Josiane Faubert, Picha

“We had such an amazing time. Thank you for being so welcoming! … I wish I had brought more people along as I never had a chance to watch all the talks.”  Sarah Stenhouse, Oodls

If you want to be involved next year and sponsor, it’s never too soon to contact me at andrea@andreastern.co.uk

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.