The DMLA Conference 2018


21 – 23 OCTOBER 2018
Marina Del Rey Marriott Hotel, Los Angeles

Marina del Rey Marriott Hotel did us proud and provided a great venue and ocean backdrop for our 2018 DMLA Conference, and you could almost say that the ocean vibrated with the energy and enthusiasm generated!

This year’s Conference once again brought together around 200 industry professionals,  over 100 companies from North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  We were challenged and informed by keynote speakers, participated in provocative panel sessions, reunited with familiar faces and ignited new collaborations and friendships.


And all of this was courtesy of our generous and supportive Sponsors. We are so grateful to you and very much enjoyed working with you to bring about such an exciting event:

ImageRights and SmartFrame our Platinum Sponsors who sponsored the beautiful opening reception in the Bayview room with the spectacular view of the city, and also provided the conference bags and the lanyards, the coffee cups and more. Gold Sponsor Adobe stepped up again contributing the wonderful t-shirts and gave us another great session.  With Silver Sponsor Capture’s DMLA LIVE DAM 2018 we could identify and find the people with whom we had meetings and they also sponsored the great notebooks we all used to take notes! Have you’ve checked out the site since the Conference to see all the ‘live’ images?

We enjoyed cocktails and snacks every evening thanks to the generosity of PicRights (Monday night) and Google (Tuesday).

Thanks to Webmark OnTheSpot photography for the photo-magnet mementos of the event and Shutterstock for sponsoring the photo booth; they were lots of fun and there are lots of great photos of everyone on the DAM!   And WebPurify, attending their first DMLA Conference, stepped up and sponsored one of our sessions! Not to forget Stockpot Images who provided coasters for our final evening cocktails.

We also appreciate the work done by Grant Heilman Photography for once again coordinating the poster printing and conference slides.

Get in touch with Andrea Stern at, early in the New Year to discuss how to give your brand the best opportunities at the 2019 Conference.

           Being a sponsor is a great way to increase your visibility and impact.
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Wishing you all a great year ahead and see you at DMLA Conference 2019!