CEPIC Webinar Programme 2021     

The event that keeps on growing…!


Is it still possible to make money with photography? It’s a direct question that our CEPIC panellists from AdobeStock, ScopioImages and Picture-Alliance will be address on Thursday, 25th March.  This is the latest in CEPIC’s Webinar series, following the very animated discussions on Enforcement last week.  To register for this CEPIC Business Webinar use this link

In September 2020 CEPIC held a Legal Webinar, the follow up to the legal session on the EU Directive held at the 2019 Congress. The success of this webinar and the desire to keep in touch and up-to-date with members and the wider image industry has resulted in the creation of the CEPIC Webinar Programme.  I have been working with the CEPIC Team, Sylvie Fodor and Carlos Vicente on this series of events, using my experience in the industry and wide network to help source speakers, build audiences and find sponsorship to support the programme.

We are offering a series of webinars, at least one each month, on a variety of topics. We welcome your suggestions on issues and subjects you want to know more about: tech, legal, innovation, licensing, and more. The first two events, the Legal webinar in Sept 2020 and the Licensing session on Extended Collective Licensing in December, were very well attended and feedback showed that the informal format, allowing for more audience interaction with the panel, was much welcomed.

The following event, a CEPIC Technology Webinar: Authentication in Times of Fake News, in January 2021, brought together Andy Parsons from Content Authentication Initiative, Adobe, Scott Lowenstein of the New York Times, and Founder and CEO of CLink, Janos Farkas, also the sponsor of the event. How important is authenticity now that we live in a world of deep fakes? Will the fakes themselves required a level of authenticity? There’ll certainly be more on this subject in the future.

Last month, February, was the first in a series on Cultural Heritage, a roundtable conversation on “Challenges and Opportunities of Selling CH Images”, which I was delighted to moderate. We were asking how CH picture agencies such as AKG-images, and general stock agencies with CH images in their portfolio, can make a living now that the EU Copyright Directive has declared images of out of copyright objects to be in the public domain and should be free to use unless the reproduction is considered an original creation? Buyers and suppliers of content heard how the agencies are finding opportunities even in adversity.

25th March, CEPIC Business Webinar: 
Is it possible to make money with photography? To register use this link

The virtual format allows us to access speakers from around the world who may not always be able to attend our Congress in person. So we are making the most of this and will be bringing you panellists from different industries where we see links to our own: innovators offering alternative solutions, new perspectives we can learn from, and creators that use our content and business models to inspire our own creativity.


To make this exciting programme possible we need your support. Do distribute our webinar invitations to colleagues and other interested parties. And please think about sponsoring one or more of the webinars.

Sponsor Benefits include:

• Promotion of each of the events individually and in newsletters will include your company logo on our communications

• Your brand will be on the CEPIC website banners and other website pages relating to the this programme

• Your logo will appear on the webinar banner throughout the event

• Promotion through social media

• Your sponsorship continues with the recorded version

• A free seat at the webinar

We look forward to welcoming you to the next webinar, and to many more virtual events in the future. Keep an eye on this website or check out the CEPIC website for details.