Andrea Stern Associates Ltd was founded in 2011.  With Andrea’s extensive practice and expertise in licensing and rights negotiation, copyright, business development and strategic content partnerships, ASA Ltd has become a leading visual content consultancy recognised for strong networking and interpersonal skills and ability to negotiate fair deals.

Heritage Specialisation

Andrea has significant operational experience in the heritage sector, working with, and advising on content and copyright related issues in cultural and educational institutions, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Imperial War Museum, Oxford University, and Historic England.  She brings an understanding of the sector to problem-solving along with a wider knowledge of the commercial image industry, finding creative, stepped solutions to which these organisations are able to respond.  Andrea is currently working on an innovative project The community History of Britain Gateway (The Gateway) designed to bring more of the smaller heritage collections online and accessible for commercial licensing.

Responsible Business Development

Andrea has contributed to the IP strategy of heritage institutions, trade associations and image libraries with expertise on copyright practice, compliance and governance.  She is a regular speaker and trainer at copyright seminars and workshops in the UK and as far afield as Beijing.  She has advised clients on strategic change for improved productivity and has helped to manage the process through negotiation and support at all stakeholder levels.

An accomplished networker Andrea has worked with image libraries in both the commercial and heritage sectors to market their collections, enlarge their clientbase, broaden their distribution networks through global partnerships and alliances, and achieve increased awareness of their brand.

Andrea Stern Associates Ltd (ASA Ltd) works with clients from the heritage, trade and commercial sectors of the image industry.